Oleh: pembelajarselalu | Oktober 3, 2013

Tugas bahasa inggris tentang adjective & adverb

Nama : Era Norma Hidayah

Nim : 10.41011.0022

MK : Bhs Inggris 1

adverb : Students have to walk calmly in the school.

adjective : The frogs live in calm water.

adverb : Please read the instructions carefully before you filling the form.

adjective : I begged him to be careful on the food.

adverb : She carried out the homework slowly.

adjective : the train was moving slow and loud.

adverb : The rain came suddenly without little warning.

adjective : at the time lesson of a sudden there are students who pass out.

adverb : My mother got up early and cooked breakfast quickly.

adjective : My father is old but he still has a quick wit.


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